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Steward Hamilton Ankrom
September 18, 1949 - September 18, 2019

Barbara Bagaason (married Maginnis) ^
June 22, 1949 - October 21, 2018

Pam Bales (married Baker, Loberg)
July 18, 1949 - December 30, 2019

Hilda Bengtson
May 30, 1949 - September 11, 2009

Douglas Earl (Doug) Bennett 
June 15, 1949 - September 25, 1997

Marilyn Brynildsen 
April 3, 1949 - October 9, 2012

Lynn Suzanne Buss %
December 24, 1948 - October 21, 1965

Benjamin Dean Camp
April 20, 1949 - December 20, 2000

Dave Campbell
May 5, 1949 - December 19, 2018

Anna Marie Cifka (married Coulston) 
June 30, 1949 - February 9, 1995

Kenneth Lee Coombs 
November 5, 1947 - November 11, 1996

Raymond James (Jim) Corbett
Feb 14, 1949 - Feb 18, 1991

John Douglas Doscher 
October 30, 1949 - February 26, 2013                       

Mary Marie Dotson-Coryell  ^
Dec 11, 1948 - June 21, 1997

Warren Joseph (Joe) Dunham
Jan 19, 1949 - May 19, 2010

Nina Rhae Fagan (married Hisey)
Aug 21, 1949 - Nov 8, 1998

William Henry (Bill) Fulbright 
May 24, 1949 - Oct 21, 2005

Sara Ann (Sally) Gibson (married Schwake)

December 31, 1948 - May 29, 2016

James Roland Golz %
March 12, 1949 - January 27, 1968

Thomas Patrick Griffin
August 6, 1949 - Sept. 30, 1990

Daniel Bryan (Dan) Hall
June 6, 1948 - April 22, 2009

Leslie Dean Hickman 
August 29, 1949 - November 9, 1973

David Edmund (Dave) Hodges  ^
Feb 12, 1949 - Dec 15, 1995

DeWayne Frank Howlett 
 Aug 7, 1949 - Sept 21 2014

George Anne Hunter (married Miller) 
August 27, 1949 - August 20, 1993

Wayne Laurence Hunter
June 9, 1949 - April 4,  1993

Gayle Lynn Kilpatrick (married ?)
July 13, 1949 -

Christopher Joseph Krenk
January 20, 1949 - April 17, 2021

Samuel Garrett (Sam) Lacy %
February 21, 1949 - Sept 3, 1990

John Francis Large %
Sept 7, 1948 - February 17, 1965

Thomas Webb (Tom) Lasley 
July 9, 1948 - Feb 28, 2014

Leslie Kay Lunas ^
Oct 17, 1949 - March 21, 2019

Jay D. McCune 
Dec 24, 1947 - Feb 12, 2006

Kurt William Morris
Oct 28, 1949 - Dec 5, 2005

David 'Mike' Myers
Feb 28, 1949 - Feb 2019

Erik Rodney Myrmo
Aug 17, 1949 - Nov 5, 2016

Thomas Henry (Tom) Nilsen
Sept. 7, 1949 - Sept. 7, 2016

Randy Scott Nobles          
Sept 9, 1949 - July 4, 2005

Barbara Jane Norris %
Aug 9, 1949 - July 22, 1968

Larry Gene Perdue 
June 20, 1949 - Dec 3, 2003

Roy Allen Peterman  ^
February 4, 1949 - November 10, 1983

Christopher Dean (Chris) Porter 
August 3, 1949 - April 2, 2007
Frank H. Prescott 
Nov. 16, 1948 - April 2, 1980

Thomas James (Tom) Robertson
May 17, 1949 - January 23, 2009

Anne Elizabeth Rodman
February 15, 1949 - December 29, 2010

Mary Russell (married Lopez)  %
December 7, 1948 - January 3, 2011

John Jeffrey Schenk
March 4, 1949 - Oct. 9, 1990

Keith Raymond Seaton
March 12, 1949 - Jan 22, 2001

Francine Gail Sherman (married Reingold)
July 21, 1949 - June 12, 2017

Richard Thomas Silence, Jr.  ^
Oct 22, 1949 - August 24, 1967

David Rawlings Smartt 
Feb 10, 1949 - May 13, 2010

Margaret Lynn Smith (married Walster) 
Jan. 15, 1949 - March 3, 1985

Sharon Marie Stivers
Nov 23, 1948 - May 2020

Karen Kristina Stronach (married Peterson)
Dec 19, 1948 - Feb 23, 2019

Charles Kenneth (Chuck) Soderwall 
Dec. 10, 1948 - Feb. 2, 1973

Elizabeth Marie Thiessen (married Walton)  %
April 20, 1949 - Feb 25, 1988

Dana Lynn Van Antwerp 
Feb 28, 1949 - June 2, 1994

Scott vanFossen
Dec 4, 1947 - March 28, 2019

Kreg Arthur Viestenz 
March 9, 1949 - Sept 18, 1968

Carl Emery Warner 
Dec 27, 1948 - Oct 13, 2002

Gary R. West
Oct 13, 1949 - March 22, 1990/1995

James George ("Jim") Wilson 

September 1, 1949 - September 29, 2013

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Raymond Corbett

February 14th, 1949 - February 18th, 1991

I only knew Jim through my best friend, Keith Seaton and then running into him at South.  Jim and Keith both worked at the Mayfair Market on Hilyard and 29th during their high school years (replaced by the new existing Albertson's).  Keith didn't have a car until his senior year but since he only lived a couple of houses down from me on 41st Ave, he would convince me to pick him up in the evenings after work, especially if the weather was bad!  Jim was usually leaving then too, so we would often hang out a little before we all left the parking lot.  

I was always impressed with both Jim and Keith because they worked 40 hours a week inaddition to going to school.  A heavy load for them both.

In their senior year, one of the managers at the Mayfair swithed to Bi-Mart on West 18th.  My recollection is that Jim went with him when he left for Bi-Mart. Keith followed them a few months later.

Keith went into the military after high school but returned to Eugene about 5 years later and went to the Uof O.  He would run into Jim every now and then and they would BS about the world.  After Keith received his degree, the also reaturn to active duty and left Eugene.  I mention this because the last I heard of Jim was from Keith in 1991, when someone contacted Keith to let him know of Jim's death.  Keith then called me to pass along the sad new, as it was a shock to us both since Jim died so young.  Now I like to imagine them organizing ball games in the great beyond! :-)

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I have added the obit for Raymond James (Jim) Corbett under the heading you have for Image.  His date of birth and death are also from the Oregon Death Index.  If you have problems viewing the data or image, please contact me:

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Raymond Corbett

 One more Obit for Raymond James (jim) Corbett, just incase you didn't have it already.

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Joe Dunham

January 19th, 1949 - May 19th, 2010

From Jim Ellickson-Brown: Our late classmate Erik Myrmo sent me the following message after hearing that Joe Dunham had passed away, and if possible I would like to include in in the Memorial to Joe.

June 21, 2010   Joe and I were college roommates for two years at Oregon State and certainly had a lot of fun in those years. There was always a side to Joe that wanted more than a pedestrian life, and he lived his life with that compelling energy. I see that impetus was a deeper spiritual self that led him to India to manifest the great soul he is. While his passing was a shock, it is good to know his self-realized guruji is guiding him well. Erik Myrmo



Erik Myrmo

August 17th, 1949 - November 5th, 2016

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Erik Myrmo, of Myrmo and Sons, Inc., a third generation Myrmo in Eugene, Oregon, was born August 17, 1949 and passed away Nov. 5, 2016 after a long battle with cancer. He graduated from South Eugene High School in 1967 and Oregon State University with honors in 1971, earning degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering. Erik got his masters in electrical engineering at Caltech in Pasadena, CA, and was a pioneer in the high-tech industry in California and Georgia before moving back to Eugene in 1998 to help run the family business. He was an active golfer and member of both Eugene Country Club and Shadow Hills, as well as The Palms in La Quinta, CA, golfing was the true love of Erik’s life. Erik could always be found playing a competitive game of golf, winning scores of tournaments over the years, and notably placing 6th in the 2006 USGA Senior Amateur Championship. He is survived by his sister, Randi DuBois of Ketchum, ID; his six children, Megan Myrmo of Eugene; Morgan Myrmo, Micah Hoffman, Marlow Myrmo and Monica Myrmo of San Diego, CA; Mason Myrmo of Hawaii; his step-daughter, Adia Maria Paulete of Atlanta, GA; and five grandchildren. Erik will be greatly missed by his family and friends. A memorial service will be held at the Shadow Hills Country Club at 4pm on Friday, Nov. 18, 2016. 

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Keith Seaton * *

March 12th, 1949 - January 22nd, 2001

Born in 1949 to Ernest and Wanita Seaton of Drain, Douglas County Oregon. He was the youngest of their three boys and was raised in Drain until his eleventh year, when his mother collapsed at home and died of an apparent cerebral hemorrhage.

Shortly after his mother's death, Keith and his father moved to Eugene, where Keith's middle brother attended the university and where his oldest brother and family lived in Springfield. Keith attended Spencer Butte Jr. High and graduated from South Eugene high school in 1967. Immediately after high school Keith attended Outward Bound survival training in the Cascades and then went into the Navy that fall.

Keith's Naval career began during the Vietnam War, when he entered the submarine service. He often joked that in that "filtered" environment, were the only years of his life that he wasn't plagued with hay fever. After 4 years of active duty, Keith returned to Eugene to obtain his degree from the U of O in Geography, all the time continuing in the Naval reserve. It was during this time he met Wanda, a young divorcee and her daughter, Sheila. After their wedding and his receiving a degree, Keith resumed his active career, serving at times on sub-tenders and destroyers. 

Approximately 1980, Keith was offered and accepted Officer's Training school. Upon his promotion, he and Wanda separated as she had tired of the travelling involved with being a Navy wife, and Keith was returned to sea duty. In the late 1980's while on leave in California he became reacquainted with Diana Brumfield, who had been in the bridal party of a friend's wedding. They later married while he was stationed at a Naval Reserve center in North Dakota. She accompanied him to duties in San Diego, California; Japan; and Portland, Oregon, where he retired after 30 years of service and began volunteering for the Clark County Red Cross.

Keith died unexpectedly from complications following a surgical procedure. He was survived by his wife, Diana of Vancouver, WA and step-daughters Amy and Sarah; his father, Ernest Seaton of Eugene, OR.; brothers Ernest Jr. and wife Sharon Seaton, of Springfield, OR.; and Robert Seaton of Alaska; and former wife Wanda Seaton of Fayetteville, AR and step-daughter Shelia.