We have reunion committee members working on this project, but we need all the help we can get!

CAN YOU HELP US LOCATE THESE PEOPLE?  ["South" grads are indicated by "++" after their names.  Churchill grads who previously attended South, before Churchill opened, are indicated by "^" after their names.  Former classmates who moved elsewhere are indicated by a "%" after their names.]

We need either specific snail-mail addresses or e-mail addresses.  We used to be in touch with some of these people, but we no longer have current contact info.  Some of them have even attended previous reunions!  Please send addresses to: sehs67@yahoo.com

(Note:  some of the married names may be outdated)
Mary Lee Amey ++
Janet Archibald ++
Marcia Susan Bechill  (now LaSalle) ++
Sandra Kay Beers ++
Paul David Blumenstein, Jr.  ++
Phillip Broderick  %
Terri Bundrant (now Tufts, Mrs. William)  ++
Dwight Collier  ^   (Dunsmuir, CA?)
Sharon Kay Davis  ++
Sally Deiser (now Lawson)  %
Diane Beverly Delaney (now Guggenmos) ++
Nancy Ellen Edgar ++
Maria Gonzales Green ++
Judith Anne Hendrickson ++
Margaret Leigh Henshaw ++
Charles Frank Huey ++
Russell Thomas Jones ++
Paul E. Johnson  ++
Phila June Kaiser ++
Terry Kane  ++
Galen Lee Kennel ++
Linda Lawson (now Lawson-McCown)  %
Edward L. Lee ++       
Jason Davis Lee ++
Betty LaVon Lougheed ++
Clifford Macy  %
Michael Matthews  ++
Ann McClellan ++
Elizabeth Merrill  ^
Stephanie Miller ++
Donna Lynell Mross (now Hendricks)  ++
Sandra Lou Myers ++
Rick Neely  ++
James Wayne Newman ++
John Richard Nicholson ++
Eric Niederhiser  ++
Warren Ove, Jr.  ++
Graham Parker  %
Thersa Pease (now LaTerra)  %
Melanie Sue Perry ++
Craig Allen Reed ++
Charles Howard Smith ++
Rogena Ella Severson ++
Nancy Eleanor Smith ++
Pam Rae Smith (now Heide)  ++
Donna Jean Spencer ++
Sharon Marie Stivers ++
Pichai ("Pete") Tangprasertchai  %
Susan Marie Thomas ++
Donald George Tyson ++      
Neal Frederick Van Horn ++
Ed Walker  ++
Mitchell Lee Watson ++
Nora Eileen Wescott ++
John White  ++
Marcia Ann Worthington ++      
Sandra Kay Young ++