Where are you?  What are you doing?  Here's your chance to let us all know what you're up to and, perhaps, to post a photo of yourself.  You can even post a 'then' and 'now' photo if you have them.  We'd all love to hear from you. To get started, just click on the 'add your profile' button right under this message.

All classmates are invited to post here whether or not you are attending the reunion in August!!!

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Jennifer Pendergrass (Green)
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Managing Principal Consultant www.greenglobalresources.com Committed Relationship 2
Ok, so in just a few words - life is a joy when play is work and work is play. I have a wonderful partner, Ivan, and 3 grandchildren, one - Lilly, who is a precocious 5 and a half and lives with me fulltime - a true joy.  I also love my work - Organizational Development Consulting - which offers fulfillment and yes, income,  that continues to engage.  In fact, I may never retire!  Who could ask for more?  My other interests have been showing in working cowhorse AQHA and NRCHA shows in California, Arizona and Nevada (did I ever tell you I really only wanted to be a cowgirl when I grew up?), and living in an equestiran community where I get to ride out on the trails, enjoy friendships in the local horse club, not to mention sample the local wine and cuisine of the gold country of California.  Having lived all over the state - from Santa Barbara, West LA, Ventura County, to the Bay Area, and now the Sierra Foothills - I can think of only one other state that compares - Oregon!  I look forward to your update and those of other Axemen at the 50th - did I say 50th - high school reunion! Let's give 'em the Axe, where? Right in the neck, the neck, the neck, there! Live long and prosper! Send Jennifer a MessageSend Jennifer a Message
Carolyn Mary Johnson (Hobbs)
Author/Teacher/Therapist www.carolyn-hobbs.com Married
My website is carolyn-hobbs.com. I received my B.S. in Journalism in 1971 from the U. Oregon, married Jerome Hobbs in 1970 for 5 years, & moved to SF-Bay Area in 1972 to become Asst. Editor on a Sunday magazine. My M.A. in 1982 Humanistic Psychology from Sonoma State U.allowed me to study Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais work, Dance Therapy & Buddhism with leading edge Psycho-Spiritual teachers in my twenties. Certified as a Body-Centered Therapist by international trainers Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, my 30-plus years in private therapy practice in Berkeley, CA & Durango, CO culminates in my new book, FREE YOURSELF: 10 Life-Changing Powers of your Wise Heart (Wisdom), published in English, Spanish & Audio. My First book, JOY, No Matter What (Conari, 2005) is published in 5 languages & audio. As a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 1986, my therapy with couples & clients blends Buddhist wisdom with Expressive Breathwork. I have taught Daylong Retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center near S.F. since 2004 and train psychologists & therapists fhrough U.S. Journal in Santa Fe, NM & Seattle, WA. A former graduate professor at Naropa Institute in Boulder, my books have been featued in Shambhala Sun, Woman's Day, Woman's World, Essence magazine, Imagine & the AHP (Assn. for Humanicstic Psychologists) Journal. In 1986 I met the love of my life & spouse Jo Alexander and this December we will celebrate 30 years of co-creating life together. We have lived in Durango, CO since 1994. Send Carolyn Mary a MessageSend Carolyn Mary a Message
sally jacobsen (hileman)
retired Married
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John Gottberg Anderson
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freelance journalist www.facebook.com/johngottbergtravelanddining Committed Relationship 1
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Mary Jo Pittenger (Leonard)
Retired Committed Relationship 2
I've been retired for 8 wonderful years. I moved from Portland to Glendale, AZ just over a year ago. Since retiring, I have done some travelling. I went to Paris with my daughter; I went on a cruise to the Meexican Riviera with my sister and her daughter and family; I've been on other cruises (to Spain, London, Panama Canal, Hawaii, tht Carriben, and most recently a 39 day cruise from Sydney Australia to San Diego, CA) with friends and family and as a solo traveller. I spent a month in Thailand a few years ago, to attend a reunion of the International School, Bangkok.
I love Arizona. I moved here because I have a 21 year old granddaughter who needs a kidney transplant and many other reasons. Any other Axemen in the Phoenix area?
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Stephen Garrett
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Retired Married 3
I decided to serve my country just before graduation. Almost as soon as the ink was dry on my diploma I was off to Ft. Lewis for basic training. My specialty was Hawk Missle System Radar Repairman. I spent 1 1/2 years in South Korea on the DMZ repairing and maintaining radar equipment that was critical to detecting North Korean forces.
After returning to Eugene after being discharged, I did a few odd jobs, but then found my calling working in the foreign auto parts industry. Working as a counterman, then store asst. mgr., then store manger for a few years gave me a huge amount of knowledge not only in the industry but also in business in general. I was promoted several times within the company and was transferred to Seattle for a year then back to Eugene for a couple of yrs.then to L.A. for 5 yrs. where I worked in several positions in the administrative end of things. Back to Portland for 18 yrs.and then back to Washington until 2010.

I met my wife Bev by selling her car parts that she needed to repair her car. As of this coming December, we will have been married for 40 yrs. We have 3 great kids. Jayson, who is also a salesman in the electrical field in Portland, is married and they have no children. Our daughter Katie is also married ..she is a high school math teacher, her husband is a band teacher in Salem and they have one (7). Our youngest daughter Erin is married and is a very dedicated stay at home mom to 3 kids, but in the last couple of years has taken up event planning and because of her skills, that company has been voted the best wedding planners in Boise. Her husband is a Sales Mgr. for Ferguson.

I reluctantlly retired in 2010 after my third open heart surgery (due to a condition much too involved to explain here). I can say that exposure to Agent Orange in Korea is the culprit. Getting VA to admit it is another story. 
My final position before retirement was phone sales for an import car parts distributor in Kirkland Wa. 

We now live in a great house within 5 blocks of my childhood home in South Eugene. 
I have developed cooking and gardening skills in my old age, which not only surprised my wife, but me as well. I love my greenhouse and am really enjoying trying new crops each season. Life has been full of interesting experiences and meeting some wonderful people along the way. So glad to be back in town. 

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Mary Morris (Kruse)
Semi Retired Married 2
Life has been great! Still working part-time 2 days a week to spend qualify time with my grandchildren.  Hard to believe 50 years has passed so quickly!  Look forward to the reunion.
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Mary Morris (Kruse)
Retired Married 2
Just retired and loving it!  More time to spend with my 8 Grandchildren.  Will add more to my profile at a later date. Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Cheryl Pekkala (Gust)
retired Married 1
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Scott Ryman
juvenile probation officer Spokane juvenile court Divorced 3
I left you Eugene in 1966 after my sophomore year and I miss you guys call me!
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