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Steve Bridges
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Sales Manager Married 5
Steve Bridges is the Sales and Marketing Manager for SAFETYCAL® a Sign & Decal manufacturer. Industrial Safety Signage is their specialty. Although, 80% of their products are custom made. Steve retired from The Register-Guard newspaper on August 11, 2000. He had been employed there for 30 years. He was a District Manager six years, County Manager for one year and Sales Manager for 23 years. In these positions he was responsible for maintaining and increasing the overall circulation for the newspaper.
Steve served as a United Way Loaned Executive for The Register-Guard during the fall campaign of 1984. Steve served on the United Way committee, the Concessions committee and the Safety Committee. Steve carries an open water diver qualification certificate and maintains a current basic first aid and CPR card. Steve was president of the Emerald Track Club for four years.
Steve served in the U.S. Army where he became a Staff Sergeant E-6 in the Adjutant Generals Corp at the age of 20. He served in Vietnam and was presented with the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Army Commendation Medal and the Bronze Star Medal. During his stay in Vietnam he also served as a lifeguard at an Officers swimming pool in Di'an. Steve was honorably discharged on May 17, 1970.
Steve has attended many trainings, conferences and seminars for computer programs, management, human relations, human potential, human effectiveness, time management and sales.
Steve is currently an associate member of the National Safety Council and ASSE-Cascade chapter. Steve has run seven marathons, several half marathons and more 10K's than he can remember. Steve likes to spend time with his family, rides bike, lifts weights, cardio exercise at the gym and putter project on the farm/ranch.
Specialties:Contracts, Personnel, Sales & Promotion Management
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Chris Krenk
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CEO of Non-Profit Organization Married 3
So sorry to miss the July 28 event.  I'll be visiting with my youngest daughter in Colorado at that time.  I continue to work (just passed the 22 year mark) as the President & CEO of Albertina Kerr Centers, a 105 year old human services non-profit organization based in Portland (but also providing services in Eugene!).  Celebrating 35 wonderful years of marriage to my wife Nell on July 3.  Life is good - no complaints.  Have a great party! Send Chris a MessageSend Chris a Message
Bryce Butler
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director/writer Married 2
Mara and I just returned from a two week vacation after a winter of non-stop work together on two productions: a remounting, "Air Heart" in December and a premiere, "Naomi's Flight" in February. Currently directing a new project, "That Which Returns" a collaboration with another aerial duo. Our boxer, Freya, keeps us sane and in stitches with her clown antics. My youngest daughter, Fawn, is still making music in Austin. My eldest daughter, AShanti, has just given birth to a new grandaughter, Adeline. And she and her partner, Sheree, have adopted two lovely children, Kaleo and Olivia, so I'm a triple "Papa" as Olivia calls me. Life is simply amazing.
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Michael Kelly
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art fineartbymichaelkelly Single
Retired, mostly, after making a living as a driver. Spend more time in the studio drawing and painting. Have been home brewing and growing hops for 18 years.
My 2 sons, Zane (the oldest), Cole (the younger) have a traing center, Athletes In Motion (AIM). Baseball and softballers, as well as 8-10 pros.
My 1st grandchild (a boy) is expected in May.
I just returned from Hawaii. Mostly retired, might as well go somewhere. Life is pretty much a vacation anyway. And, it's good.

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Elizabeth (Betsy) Cross
Psychotherapy/Retired Married
 Hope I can make it to the reunion! Send Elizabeth (Betsy) a MessageSend Elizabeth (Betsy) a Message
Joan Lemmer (Maddy)
semi-retired store manager Widowed 2
Thankful for so many things and friends.

Life has been an adventure and has had its high and low points.  I must say I am a survivor in more ways than one.   I am very content in the place (physically and spiritually) that I am.  

Missed opportunities?  I have had many the most recent was the chance to travel to Afghanistan and help at a school for street children and orphans.  The doors closed on that when the ex-president of Afghanistan was assinated at the compound next door to where were to stay.  I have a mixture of regret and relief about this.  

My most recent new challenge is starting a non-profit to organize the local churches to work together (share the load) to ease the needs of the homeless and needy in Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood.  We should be opening our clearinghouse before the reunion, God willing.  It seems like a slow process but we want to get it right seeing as Who we are representing.  
As many of you are probably doing, I am caring for my elderly, infirmed mother.  It seems a thankless task but I know that she probably thought the same thing when she was caring for me for all those years.  We try to make the best out of all of the challenges that come along being quick to forgive one another when it seems difficult or trying.

I hope that any of you that have better English language skills than I will not look harshly on my grammer and other writing mechanic errors.  

Here is to long and healthy or healthier lives. 


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