Photo Albums
This is for you to upload your own photos.  An album has been created for each of the reunions plus one for the SEHS67 birthday parties.  Another album will be added for the 45-year mini-reunion. If you have some photos that don't fit into any of these categories, we have a 'miscellaneous' album just for you. To get started, just click on 'upload your photos' directly under this message. Please be selective in choosing your photos - we probably don't need several shots of the same thing!  :-)  Also, be sure to label your photos so the rest of us will know who's who!    And, keep checking back...we're uploading new photos as time permits.
20-year Reunion
30-year Reunion
35-year Reunion
40-year Reunion, Part 1
40-year Reunion, Part 2
40-year Reunion, Part 3
45-year "Mini-Reunion," Draggin' the Gut and Potluck
45-year "Mini-Reunion," Potluck
Two SEHS'67 b-day parties, 70 and 50
Betsy's album
55-Year Reunion, 2022